Project Introduction

Making of

Selecting is an act of love

We asked scores of photographers to take part in this project. Our objective was to collate stunning photos of the best surf spots around the world. Their response was enthusiastic and we were wowed by the selection we received.
Our wish was to share with you this incredible gift in a special edition book.

“Line up” was born.

We received over 4000 wonderful photos from 60 photographers and had to make a selection according to strict criteria. The key requirement was a minimum of two waves on the picture. This is why we were not able to include some close ups of spectacular waves. We initially shortlisted 1500, then 450 and finally we were left with 180 photos. You can imagine how difficult the next step was, as we could only keep approximately 80 photos before going to print. We were keen to include a variety of landscapes, seasons, countries, and viewing angles, and this helped us make the final cut. In the end, the final decision is always personal and subjective and we hope that you will agree with our choice!

The “Line up” team

Creating the book that everyone wants to own…

Pierre Nouqueret
  • Director of Hondarra, communication and sporting events agency. 
  • Author of « Perfect Waves », « The Endless Allure of the Ocean » Abrams Editions
  • Author of « Vagues » Surf Session Editions
  • Creator of « Radical Surf » surfing magazine
  • Former Executive Director of Surfrider Foundation Europe
Laurent Masurel
Director of photography
Frédéric Etcheverry
Graphic Designer
  • Director of Izar Design, graphic design agency
  • Graphic designer and Photographer
  • izardesign.com
A beautiful Book

Book features

« Line up »

  • De luxe edition
  • Photos and photographers from around the world
  • 144 pages
  • 170 g paper / Hard Cover
  • Format : 37,5 cm x 28,5 cm landscape / Open format : 80,7cm x 32,5 cm
  • One photograph per double page
  • Coffee table book
Enjoy the journey!

Waves from all over the world

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