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Fabulous and elusive, waves offer a sumptuous spectacle for humans and an incredible amazing playground for surfers. The lineup is the area just offshore where waves start breaking. It’s where the surfer stands up and launches into the wave.

From Hawaii to Australia, from Indonesia to California, “Line up” is a compilation of magnificent photos of surf spots from every ocean, captured by passionate and talented photographers from every corner of the world. “Line up” is a  beautiful  book dedicated to the waves that define the landscape of our precious ocean coastlines.

Justine Dupont

“The lineup is a magical place!”

The introduction has been written by Justine Dupont.
Justine, who dedicates her entire life to waves and oceans.

She is a true “Aquawoman” and juggles her passions: surf, longboard and stand up paddle. Our planet’s oceans are her playground and the stage for her adventures. A competitor with multiple titles, she is now focused on her quest for the biggest waves in the world at the legendary Nazare spot in Portugal. A new challenge and a new accomplishment for Justine, who has conquered several times some of the biggest waves ever surfed by a woman.
Instagram: @justinedupont33

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1 € donated for each book purchased

The “Line up” project supports Surfrider Foundation Europe in its mission to protect our oceans and coastlines.
For each book sold we will donate one euro to the Foundation.
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